8 Simple steps to maximize your health with nutrition



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After over 2 years of hard work, research and endless editing, finally my new book is ready. The title is called “Unleash Your Vitality”. As with many projects, in the beginning you have a working title and in more later stages a more final titel develops. Unleash Your Vitality is the final title.

  • Over 400 pages
  • Almost 400 scientific references

So what is it all about?


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There is alot of talk about nutrition this and that and how it influences health. I wanted to look into the scientific papers (just like I did with Healing Psyche) on how superfoods and other nutritional elements  effect the health and vitality of a person.This is not just a persons view, there are 396 scientific references cited here.

This book ik written as a action book, not just a read book.Many exercises to enhance personal insights.

Currently I am talking to a few printers to create a very EXCLUSIVE LIMITED EDITION HARDCOVER that is only going to be on sale for pre-orders. When you look on facebook you will see that this is offered to people for 35euro (ex shipping). Even this is a discounted price as this is normally the price for a general softcover and non signed edition.

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Some people already ordered 10 copies to give to their clients or for the use as gifts. It is a great gift to people who are health conscious.If you are working in the health area, this book is also a great business builder.

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