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More insight !

the book came to me !
And the book is good.
Very straightforward.
Open and clear.
Stimulating and sharing.

Eye opener for health

Rob wrote an easy reading book, full of eye-openers. This book is a must read if you want to create a better health and feel the vitality of your body and mind. A book you keep on the shelf and pick up whem you need some feedback on personal issues.

Michaela Wierdsma, author and mental coach in health and business

Unleash your Vitality-Wim Huppes MD
internist, auteur The Dutch Institute - Huppes Kemp
Gets to the core of getting healthy

A well written book that gets to the core of getting healthy. Intuitive eating isn't good enough. With 'Nutrition' you will leap into vitality. Superfoods, supplements, life style and self monitoring. Just too much to mention. Get the book, it's an easy read!

Unleash your Vitality-Brian Peskin MD
Author 'Hidden Story of Cancer' and 'Radiant Health'
a much needed -walkup call-

Dr. van Overbruggen's book provides a much needed -wake-up call- to take charge of your health or likely risk the dire consequences. His style in uniquely engaging,energizing, and very interactive with the reader. It is certainly worth your valuable time to place yourself on the road to radiant health.

Food is medicine, perhaps the most powerful drug on the planet

There is one place that nearly everything that matters today in the world converges.
It is our fork, and what we decide to put on it every single day is of utmost importance.
Food and the way we produce and consume it, is the nexus of most of our world's health, environmental, climate, economic and even political crises.

We need a real food revolution exactly the kind that Rob A.A. van Overbruggen simply and evidently described in this book.
As a doctor, it is my job to figure out the best way to keep my patients healthy. We now know that food is medicine, perhaps the most powerful drug on the planet with the power to cause or cure most disease.
If food is more than just calories, if food is information that controls every aspect of our biology and health, then I better know what to advise people to prevent treat and even reverse chronic disease.
In this this book, Rob talked about facts that amazed me but it’s the ugly truth as he said, and we all must know it.
You’ll enjoy your reading journey from the start till the end with up-to-date, evidenced based information that will transform your life.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Rob A.A. van Overbruggen and to take this opportunity to let you know how much I respect and admire you as a dedicated professional who has a message to deliver to all persons all over the globe.

Many of my students and healthcare professionals which I interact with

Dear, dear Rob,

believe it or not, only today I could stay and have a look on your great masterpiece!
I can't believe that you could provide such guide, in my opinion, such a book should take you a lifetime…….but instead, it is for a lifetime!
Congratulations, it will take time for me to follow all the steps, and I am sure many of my students and healthcare professionals which I interact with, will take advantage of this valuable guide. actually it's so great to share your incomensurable experience and knowledge…….
I am sure the few words that I have send to you cannot express my "wow" for your expertise and all you have done for all mankind. You are really great!!!!!!!!!
Please don't stop, keep on, you do things wonderful!

Unleash your Vitality-Prof. Dr. M. Maes MD Ph.D.
Author of 'van Freud tot omega-3' and ' Nooit meer moe'
Wonderful and practical guide to improve your nutritional status

This is a wonderful and practical guide to improve
your nutritional status and antioxidant defenses

Feeling great and grateful!

The book came at the perfect moment, when I had already committed to honouring my physical body more, in order that I can live a long and healthy life. The Unleash your Vitality – 8 simple steps to maximize your health with nutrition gives me the tools to do just that, by providing great insight into health and wellness through the medium of diet and supplementation.
As a mind: body: spirit based therapist, using meta health, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, I have worked with the emotional connection between health and disease to great effect, supporting myself and others to release diverse symptoms and to feel better. I began to look for solutions to improve my personal vitality through what I put into my body on an ongoing basis – nutrition – the building blocks of life.
The book explains in simple terms what happened to our food and water, and how to achieve nutritional balance, with the promise of feeling great!
The material is presented in a readable fun way, distilling complex messages into easily digestible bite-size chunks.
I like the tests and supportive (quite firm) guidance to enable you to get from where you are now to your desired health goal.
I was already negotiating the supplement minefield, so the information in this book has taken the stress out of making healthy choices. I decided to use the supplements suggested in the book and I am already feeling the benefits. So much so, that I have decided to be a coach, sharing the information with others. In this process I will learn even more and support others to achieve their vibrant vitality too.

Feeling great and grateful!

Unleash your Vitality-Ann Fonda
founder of Annie Appleseed Project Alternative and natural approaches to cancer
Simple and yet elegant prose... action book

I’ve now read parts of your new book and I can see that I will
love the words of wisdom here as much as I did Healing Psyche,
the other of your books I read. Your intelligent approach to the
facts, told in such simple and yet elegant prose, is sure to bring
the audience “to use the book” which you
define as an ‘action book’. I applaud you for
your work and appreciate your voice being
added to this important conversation

Unleash your Vitality-Glenn Sabin
Author of forthcoming n of 1: How one Man’s Triumph over Terminal Cancer is Changing the Medical Establishment
A comprehensive, cogent guide

A comprehensive, cogent guide and workbook on salutogenesis: a focus on health creation and self-efficacy in a soon-to-be bygone era of disease care.

Unleash your Vitality-Professor Vlatka Hlupic
Author of 'The Management Shift'
Health and happiness of employees will have an impact on bottom line profits

Health and happiness of employees will have an impact on bottom line profits. This book is an important contribution to creating healthier and happier work places and I warmly welcome it

Unleash your Vitality-Margaret Moore
Founder & CEO, Wellcoaches Corporation Co-Founder & Co-Director, Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate
Every cell in the human body needs a complex set of nutrients

Dinner is destiny, per lifestyle medicine expert David Katz. If you want to upgrade your destiny, dive into Dr. van Overbruggen’s fabulous book titled Unleash your Vitality – 8 simple steps to maximize your health with nutrition. Every cell in the human body needs a complex set of nutrients to perform at its best. This book is an engaging and thorough reference and summary of the contribution to nutrients to human thriving.

Unleash your Vitality-Hanan Maria MD
Gynaecologist Halifax, United Kingdom Hospital & Health Carer
It is exceptionally good...

Thank you very much. It is exceptionally good, especially the
tables, flow charts and assessment sheets. They were user friendly
and scientific. I also like your principle in empowering people to
heal themselves. Congratulations

Unleash your Vitality-Jo Trewartha
PSYCH-K® Health and Wellness Facilitator
Experienced amazing personal life-changing success for myself

I love this book! Being an avid follower of all things health related I was delighted when this gem came my way. Having experienced amazing personal life-changing success for myself, and my family with nutritional healing through diet modification and supplementation, I became joyful and content as a side effect. I would like these feelings to become contagious! Therefore, I wholeheartedly agree with Rob van Overbruggen’s mission to fully empower all of us with the understanding that improved diet and nutrition enhance wellbeing and overall vitality.
It has been said that, “nobody likes change but a wet baby” in this instance though the rewards of change are so pleasurable and will enrich your life to such an extent I promise you won’t look back. Rob van Overbruggen’s idea of making this into a practical workbook particularly appealed to me and also helped kick-start me into raising my game and being even more proactive. Don’t dig your grave with your knife and fork! Follow Rob van Overbruggen’s advice and watch the magic unfold…

New map for understanding and treating disease based on principles of functional nutrition

Unleash your Vitality – 8 simple steps to maximize your health with nutrition brilliantly present a new map for understanding and treating disease based on principles of functional nutrition. It is an ecological view of the body where all the networks of our system interact in a dynamic process that creates dis-ease when out of balance and promotes health when in balance. This book accurately frames the transformational awakening in science towards a paradigm shift from medicine by cause to

medicine by symptoms. As an integrative and functional medicine practitioner, I feel strongly that we are on a verge of a true transformation in medicine. Unleash your Vitality – 8 simple steps to maximize your health with nutrition contributes to spreading the knowledge of what creates health. It engages the reader in the concepts of what restores balance by getting to the root of the symptoms. Rather that promoting a pharmaceutical symptomatic intervention, the books illustrates what primarily causes dis-ease and what nutrients are able tore store balance in dose-dependent manner.

The time is certainly ripe for a radical transformation in health ‘Unleash your Vitality – 8 simple steps to maximize your health with nutrition’ clearly offers all the tools for this change to occur.

Go for it! Live to the max! naturally and responsibly

Unleash Your Vitality hits the bull’s-eye for all those seeking an answer to good vitality, with inside information that is rare. There are plenty of books out there with information on how to live, but this is a book I wish I had at my start of my career, 33 years ago when I was building my interest in orthomolecular medicine.
This book is innovative, no-nonsense, packed with up-to-date information and with literature references. It shows that there really are ways to improve your health: those who want to make effort can reach out and change their lives.
As an orthomolecular educator for many years, and also a orthomolecular therapist I can recommend this book as a genuine start for those who are interested in orthomolecular medicine and healthy living. It is not only for people with existing diseases, but especially for people who want to prevent disease. Go for it!

Unleash your Vitality-Trudy Vlot MD
Integrative Medicine by clinical PNI
Optimal nutrition for optimal vitality

A clear and practical book. With lots of information about nutrition, which not only remains information, but is also directly practically applicable. Rob says it is a book about nutrition, but it goes beyond just food. Because knowing a lot about nutrition is one, but what does it do with my body? That’s the question. And the answers are in the book, when you work it trough. The maxim: ‘an optimal nutrition for optimal vitality’ is sure true and to achieve with this book.

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