8 Simple steps to maximize your health with nutrition


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8 Simple Steps to Maximize your health with Nutrition

Review by: Laila Moustafa Kamel MD

Laila Moustafa Kamel MD

Food is medicine, perhaps the most powerful drug on the planet

There is one place that nearly everything that matters today in the world converges.
It is our fork, and what we decide to put on it every single day is of utmost importance.
Food and the way we produce and consume it, is the nexus of most of our world's health, environmental, climate, economic and even political crises.

We need a real food revolution exactly the kind that Rob A.A. van Overbruggen simply and evidently described in this book.
As a doctor, it is my job to figure out the best way to keep my patients healthy. We now know that food is medicine, perhaps the most powerful drug on the planet with the power to cause or cure most disease.
If food is more than just calories, if food is information that controls every aspect of our biology and health, then I better know what to advise people to prevent treat and even reverse chronic disease.
In this this book, Rob talked about facts that amazed me but it’s the ugly truth as he said, and we all must know it.
You’ll enjoy your reading journey from the start till the end with up-to-date, evidenced based information that will transform your life.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Rob A.A. van Overbruggen and to take this opportunity to let you know how much I respect and admire you as a dedicated professional who has a message to deliver to all persons all over the globe.