8 Simple steps to maximize your health with nutrition


Unleash your Vitality

8 Simple Steps to Maximize your health with Nutrition

Review by: Jan Blaauw

Unleash your Vitality-Jan Blaauw

Jan Blaauw

Go for it! Live to the max! naturally and responsibly

Unleash Your Vitality hits the bull’s-eye for all those seeking an answer to good vitality, with inside information that is rare. There are plenty of books out there with information on how to live, but this is a book I wish I had at my start of my career, 33 years ago when I was building my interest in orthomolecular medicine.
This book is innovative, no-nonsense, packed with up-to-date information and with literature references. It shows that there really are ways to improve your health: those who want to make effort can reach out and change their lives.
As an orthomolecular educator for many years, and also a orthomolecular therapist I can recommend this book as a genuine start for those who are interested in orthomolecular medicine and healthy living. It is not only for people with existing diseases, but especially for people who want to prevent disease. Go for it!