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About us

Rob believes that healing is always possible. Healing is much more than just curing a symptom or disease. Healing is a holistic approach whereby the quality of your life increases to a level of full vibrancy and vitality. Behind every symptom there is either a stressor or a nutritional deficiency. Solving the emotional turmoil and replenishing the nutritional deficiency will allow the body to restore to full health and vitality.

You deserve a vibrant vitality, and most people do not realize the impact that stress and nutrition has on their total health. By teaching people the possibilities and empowering them to take action, healing is again attainable for everyone.

Rob helps people who want to increase their health and vitality.

  • People who want to take control over their own health.
  • People with lack of energy
  • People who want to lose weight
  • People with emotional problems
  • People with physical symptoms
  • People who want to prevent disease from ever happening.

Rob’s passion for health and wellbeing started in 1994. At first he focused on mental health. With the use of hypnosis, neuro-linguistics and energy psychology, he was able to help people to reach their goals quickly and efficiently. After years of misery, clients were able to leave the room happy again.

In 1996, Rob started to study how the mind influences disease processes. He noticed that emotions and beliefs directly influence symptoms and diseases. A change in emotions and beliefs often allows the disease or symptoms to disappear.  His first book, “Healing Psyche“ (www.healingpsyche.com) was published in 2006. It explains the influence of the mind on the process of cancer from a scientific point of view. Many studies have already proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the mind influences the cancer process. In this book he reveals the patterns that they all have in common. These patterns are universally applicable in the recovery of any disease or symptom.

His passion for nutrition came from a desire to understand and share about the facts and fiction of nutrition. Good proper nutrition has a tremendous impact on health, yet many people do not know or do not take action on that. Those who do take action often have not researched how to get the best of the best.

His mission is “Heal the World by empowering other people to heal themselves” and this book is in service to that aim.


Christiane Northrup MD “This book can save your life”

Based on his knowledge and experience he devised several models to help people heal quickly and efficiently. His vision expanded to help people to become happier and healthier across the globe.

Using some of his advanced models he is now able to pinpoint the exact emotional stress that prevents the healing of specific symptoms. By releasing that emotional stress the body can repair itself again.

He makes complex materials simple to understand and to take action upon. Therefore his material is now used and described in at least seven different books, full length documentaries and many online and offline courses.

Rob conducts trainings, lectures and keynotes all over the word. The USA, UK, Australia, India, Egypt, Russia, South America and many other countries have already benefitted from his amazing, dynamic and fun style of teaching.

“… a combination of deep meaningful insights and standup comedy…”

Over the last 20 years Rob has taught more than 4000 people to take more responsibility of their life, health and happiness.

His sought after trainings, both private and public, are considered the best in the industry.

You have a perfectly functioning blueprint inside that allows you to reach and maintain ultimate levels of health and vitality. This blueprint might not be fully expressed due to stress or lack of nutrients. By restoring your nutrient levels you too can become happier and healthier. Allow yourself to experience that.

Join Rob and his team wherever you can…