8 Simple steps to maximize your health with nutrition



We are getting many comment of people who are super enthusiastic about the book and what it provides for them and they want to spread the information to their friends and family. Some even want to incorporate this material in their trainings.

That is amazing !

However some people have asked for a translation in their language. Unfortunately that translation is not yet available.

When you are very interested in a translation, then please fill in the form below, mention your translation language and how many copies of the book you would like to buy if it was translated.

When we have enough people interested in a certain language we will translate it.

NOTE: If you are interested in translating, please contact us, so we can make it mutual beneficial.


Fill in your details below, this is just that we know how to reach you if the translation is available, and please include the language and the number of copies you would like to order.

Based on the number of copies people are interested in we will decide if and what translation to create first.