8 Simple steps to maximize your health with nutrition


Book – Unleash Your Vitality

About Unleash your Vitality


Disease is on everybody’s mind nowadays, and if we want to change that, we should think about preventing it.

Unleash Your Vitality is a step by step guide, which will show you what to do to prevent becoming ill, while being able to live a long, revitalized, and happy life.

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Strengthen your immune system, and how to keep disease at bay. Once you’ve reinforced your immunity, you won’t have to worry about illnesses, allergies or cancer
  • Become more energetic in order to be able to do anything you want and like, at any time, without feeling tired. Having a low energy level is the first symptom of your health being affected, but it can be restored with a good balance of nutrients
  • Increase your bone strength and reduce inflammation
  • Look your best. The way your skin hair and nails look are dependent on the quality of nutrients you have in your diet. Wisely chosen supplements will make your face radiant with health
  • Boost your brain activity and become smarter. A complex organ such as the brain is in constant need of vitamins and minerals, so adequate levels of these will help you learn, improve your attention and concentration while also preventing Alzheimer’s
  • This book goes beyond these problems, and illustrates the complexity of nutrition and the way you can dramatically improve your life, just by making a few smart changes


“Insufficient vitamin intake is apparently a cause of chronic diseases. Most people do not consume an optimal amount of all vitamins by diet alone. It appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements.” Journal of American Medical Association, June 2002

“A deficiency of a vitamin or mineral will cause a body part to malfunction and eventually break down – and, like dominos, other body parts will follow.” James F. Balch, M.D.
…A much needed “wakeup call” to take charge of your health. His style in uniquely engaging, energizing, and very interactive with the reader…”    ~ Professor Brian Peskin MD


“Health and happiness of employees will have an impact on bottom line profits. This book is an important contribution to creating healthier and happier work places “. ~ Professor Vlatka Hlupic,


If you want to upgrade your destiny, dive into Dr. van Overbruggen’s fabulous book. This book is an engaging and thorough reference to nutrients to human thriving ~ Margaret Moore/Coach Meg, MBA


wonderful and practical guide to improve your nutritional status ~ Professor Dr. M. Maes, M.D., Ph.D